Good morning all! Alexander Thompson here.

This is a notice that, until further notice, the one man operation that was Ma's Brands is done.

The reasons are myriad, but mainly the issue was I could not count on enough income from the venture to make it worth another year of 100% work and not a lot of remuneration. (Because rent and stuff.) I thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, and I am not closing the door on it forever. But an approach which was made to bring Ma's into stores by a MAJOR distributor, which was going to make or break the venture this year, broke against me. I am sorry to not have spread this message earlier, but I didn't know until after Christmas. And honestly, it is a great disappointment, and it comes to me fresh as folks like yourselves contact me to ask "where's the stuff?"

Thankfully I am a resilient sort, and have a lot of different talents. As they say, that and $2.50 will get me a small coffee. So I'm back in a day job.

In time I will be able to get my head around the idea of regrouping and re-launching with a specific view towards retail distribution, but my days in Farmer's Markets are done.

So although it pains me greatly, I have to move on.

The Ma's Brands™ moniker and brand will still be used by me, and is not up for grabs.

Among the irons I have in the fire are several which involve film photography, and the preservation and recreation of older film images.

May 2018 bring you happiness and may all the swings you make follow through.



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